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Australian Census 2006

Data from the 2006 Australian Census provides valuable information for pastoral planning at local and regional levels.

This website makes relevant demographics available at three levels:


This provides an overview of the Archdiocese of Brisbane as a whole. It allows parishes and regions to compare themselves against archdiocesan averages. Comparison with 2001 and 1996 census data also allows for change trends to be identified. This is valuable in forward planning.


Much pastoral planning occurs at deanery level. This data provides demographics relevant to each deanery. It also allows individual parishes to compare themselves with their immediate neighbours and identify commonalities and notable differences. These are important for collaborative pastoral planning. Digital maps are a new and useful feature.


Parish level data is the most commonly used for pastoral planning. Comparisons with 2001, 1996 (and, where available, 1991) are provided so that change trends can be easily identified.

Important Note

All census data will be displayed to you in "print-friendly" pop-up windows. To save a copy of the data, simply switch on your printer, and click the PRINT button on your web browser.

NB: Check that your browser is set to print background images. In Internet Explorer, go to TOOLS - INTERNET OPTIONS - ADVANCED, and under "Printing" check 'Print background colors and images'. In Netscape, go to PAGE SETUP - PAGE OPTIONS and check 'Print Background'. This will ensure that the graphs print out correctly.

You may also save the data on your computer. Use the FILE ... SAVE AS feature of your browser, and save the webpages. You may then open them in Microsoft Word (or any other word processor), edit them, and save them as document files.

Parish data you ask for is extracted directly from the census database. This involves searching through several million records, and may take up to a minute or so. Please be patient!



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